Maps & Prints

Maps: Atlas Size, Folding Pocket, Folding on Linen and Wall Maps on Linen, Posters, Prints and Ephemera

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Our services are wide and varied, ranging from books (leather, cloth, vellum and paper),custom boxes of all kinds, wall maps, atlas maps, prints, posters, documents, globes,scientific instruments and objects. Our pricing is based on a fair hourly rate plus materials. Each project is unique and may have special circumstances. Therefore, each project is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We strongly suggest that you call or visit for a personalized estimate. The general turn around time for most projects is 8-10 weeks.


Sheet Maps, Posters, Prints and Ephemera

  • De-acidification
  • Paper conservation, replacement and repairs.
  • Flattening and stain removal.
  • Removing old acidic backing materials.
  • Backing onto archival paper, tissue, board or linen.
  • Re-coloring and retouching damaged or missing areas.
  • All these services are possible on pamphlets, broadsides, puzzles, toys and their original boxes.

Wall Maps, Folding Maps, Pocket Maps and Charts

  • De-acidification
  • Cleaning and stain removal.
  • Removal of old varnish.
  • Paper conservation and restoration with period paper and Japanese tissue.
  • Replacement of missing printed areas.
  • Backing on archival tissue, paper or linen.
  • Repairs to old linen whenever possible.
  • Re-casing folding maps into restored folios or pocket cases.
  • Re-coloring in appropriate period tints and spectrum.
  • Re-edging maps on linen with colored tapes.​