Boxes & Cases

Custom Made Conservation Boxes and Folios for Rare and Fragile Material
  • As with custom bindings, attractive archival storage cases, boxes and folios can be constructed using any combination of materials.

Our services are wide and varied, ranging from books (leather, cloth, vellum and paper),custom boxes of all kinds, wall maps, atlas maps, prints, posters, documents, globes,scientific instruments and objects. Our pricing is based on a fair hourly rate plus materials. Each project is unique and may have special circumstances. Therefore, each project is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We strongly suggest that you call or visit for a personalized estimate. The general turn around time for most projects is 5 months. 



Basic Full Cloth Clamshell Box     $325
1/4 Leather Clamshell Box            $400
1/4 Leather with Rounded Spine    $700       
3/4 Leather w/ Rounded Spine      $975
    (lined with velvet or suede)

Basic Cloth Slipcase                    $275
Mulit Slotted Slipcase               $375
Flip Flop Soft Folio Wrap          $325