Custom Hand Bindings for Single Volumes, Sets, or Limited Editions

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Our pricing is based on a fair hourly rate plus materials. Each project is unique and may have special circumstances. Therefore, each project is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We strongly suggest that you call or visit for a personalized estimate. The general turn around time for most projects is 5 months.


Full Cloth         $375
1/4 Leather      $425
3/4 Leather      $475
Full Leather     $485
Vellum        *$600

Restoration of Antiquarian Leather Book Bindings

  • Re-backing or re-hinging damaged leather bindings, duplicating the original material, coloration, patterning and tooling as closely as possible.
  • Re-backing spine over, if the majority of the original spine is salvageable laying it over newly matched leather spine.
  • Insetting original tooled inner panels or medallions from very badly damaged boards into new leather boards colored and tooled to blend the original material with the new.
  • Reinforcing hinges, or head and tail caps on less worn volumes with carefully matched and pared leather.
  • Re-cornering and rebuilding the badly dented, worn, or rubbed corners of leather boards to protect the integrity of the text block and re-solidify the book aesthetically.
  • Recreating by hand in period 15 th – 20 th century full, half or three quarter leather bindings with period style gilt or blind tooling and labels.
  • All internal paper repairs, and re-sewing broken volumes when necessary.
  • Refurbishing, cleaning, oiling and all other aspects of leather book binding conservation.

Restoration of Period Cloth & Paper Book Bindings

  • Re-backing with closely matched cloth/paper in appropriate weights, colors and patterns.
  • Re-back spine over, as with leather reapplying salvageable original material on newly reinforced spine colored to match.
  • Reinforcing hinges or head and tail caps.
  • Re-cornering , rebuilding damaged book board, cloth and paper.
  • Rebinding in full, half or three quarter cloth/paper period bindings.
  • Dust jacket repair on modern first editions.
  • Refurbishing, re-coloring, cleaning and conserving

Restoration of Early Vellum Book Bindings

  • Re-backing split or broken vellum bindings with old or newly antiqued vellum. Labeling with colored panels, leather, or calligraphy.
  • Re-backing spine over.
  • Patching holes in the vellum covers with old material.
  • New vellum bindings of all periods and styles.
  • Re-lacing, securing loose bindings.
  • Softening and relaxing dried, shrunk or sprung vellum bindings.

Custom Book Bindings for Single Volumes, Sets or Limited Editions

  • Almost anything is possible, we are only limited by your creativity.
  • Miniature books are also one of our specialties.