Globes & Instruments

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Globe, Orrery, Tellurian and Scientific Instrument  Restorations
  • Minor scuff, dent, and crack repairs.
  • Major dents, holes, and distorted areas repaired.
  • Removal of old varnish on globes and their stands. 
  • All level of paper conservation, replacement, and re-coloring to match the original.
  • Repairs to wooden and metal stands and their moving parts.
  • Replacement of small metal parts, including compass needles, thumbscrews and sighting vanes.
  • Replacement of the original finishes with varnish, shellac and waxes.
  • Full replication of period stands can be commissioned in a variety of hardwoods.


Our pricing is based on a fair hourly rate plus materials. Each project is unique and may have special circumstances. Therefore, each project is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We strongly suggest that you call or visit for a personalized estimate.

    Dependant on size and condition- please inquire.